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Tick Free Organic Tick Control is the product we use.
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Normal breeding grounds for tick and other unwanted nuisances.

Normal breeding grounds for tick and other unwanted nuisances.Though this lush green lawn looks very inviting it is also the home and breeding grounds to the unwanted deer tick, dog tick, wood tick and other unwanted insects. Many animals such as birds, rabbit, deer and woodchucks are carriers of these uninvited guests and roam our properties regularly. With families and pets of our own we are just as concerned not only about the tick (and other insects) but also the use of harmful chemicals. Organic Tick Control LLC has found scientific proof and EPA evidence that the ingredience in our product/service are effective, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Our product is considered both organic and kosher and offers superb results.

Don’t wait until you “have to” resolve your unwanted tick and other insect problem. The sooner your lawn is tick free the sooner you can enjoy the use of your property. You don’t have to avoid the outdoors any longer. Give us a call today to schedule your free estimate and in most cases we can spray the same day. Click here to view more important facts.


An adult wood tick.
Everyone loves the feel of cool grass during those long hot summers!
Even your pets can rest in the cool shade!
No ticks. No worries!

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